Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Top 5 Best Boobs from Highschool of the Dead (HOTD) Anime

It started out like any other boring day in high school, but now this group of teenagers must survive the zombie apocalypse!

Alice Maresato - keep dreamin' little girl!  Maybe you'll be on this list when you're older.

"Hey, Mister? They're heavy!"
Saeko Busujima - the reigning kendo club president and expert swordswoman.  Her calm demeanor hides the secret pleasure she feels when inflicting pain. 

"Unsheathe the sword."
Saya Takagi - rich girl and school nerd.  She is a self-proclaimed genius, but suffers from self-esteem issues due to growing up in a wealthy family and trying to live up to her often-absent parents.
"I don't care if it's the zombie apocalypse. Early discovery can be very
important for breast cancer treatment."
Rei Miyamoto - grew up with Takashi and is his secret crush.  She really liked his best friend Hisashi until he became a zombie and they had to kill him. 

"Why do the zombies always have to rip off my clothes?"
Shizuka Marikawa - the ditsy school nurse with incredibly immense breasts.  She is the hands down best boobs in show.

"Of course they're real! Just feel them."

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