Sunday, October 2, 2011

Top 5 Best Boobs from Green Lantern

5. Lyssa Drak - She first appeared wearing next to nothing and chained to the book of the Sinestro Corps. This darkling lady has an incredible pair, she's freaky alien blue and one scary (hot) librarian.

4. Arisia Rrab - She's the equivalent of jailbait in the Green Lantern Corps and not even mighty Hal Jordan could resist the temptation when she confessed her huge crush on him. She's been a teen and an adult, then killed and resurrected. Throughout it all she remains a major cutie. 

3. Jade - Daughter of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern from the Golden Age, and recently resurrected after giving her life to save the universe during Infinite Crisis, Jade is one feisty, stunning lady.  You won't find a better set of perky, green boobs like these in the DCU!  She even likes nerds as her romance with Kyle Rayner proves.

2. Soranik Natu - This lady has one tough story - born on Korugar where Sinestro used his Green Lantern powers to enslave the entire planet.  She becomes a Green Lantern and then finds out her dad is actually Sinestro!  Her plunging neck line, ample cleavage, and badass tattoo more than make up for the tainted pedigree.  She dated Kyle Rayner after Jade and you know what he was thinking after seeing Jade alive again - "Threesome!"
1. Star Sapphire - Hal Jordan's first love was fiery aircraft company owner Carol Ferris. She was later possessed by the Star Sapphire becoming one of  his most deadly foes.  Carol Ferris is incredibly sexy, a powerful businesswoman, and was played by the beautiful Blake Lively in the recent movie.  Star Sapphire's costume is skin-tight and shiny - showing off her amazing boobs and just about everything else!


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