Friday, April 29, 2011

Top 5 Best Boobs from Fantastic Four

5. Crystal - It's easy to see how this gorgeous blonde tamed the hot-tempered Human Torch. The smitten Johnny Storm eventually got shut down by her Inhuman royal family. Showing incredibly poor taste in men, Crystal married Quicksilver for his innate mastery of "quickie" sex. Later realizing his bedroom longevity was limited to fast and faster, Crystal separated from the mutant speedster.

4. Nova - Two words: SHINY BOOBS! Frankie Raye already gave the Human Torch a run for his money in the fiery personality department.  Then she went to work for Galactus and got dipped in the power cosmic.  Now she flies around buck naked and gleaming from head to toe. 

3. Thundra - If size matters then Thundra would be #1 on this list in a heartbeat! She has laid the smack down on Ben Grimm more times than the Hulk and I'll guarantee ol' blue eyes was distracted by the massive boobs on this Amazonian hottie!

2. She-Hulk - An impressive FF replacement member when the Thing (Ben Grimm) remained on Battleworld after the conclusion of the first Secret Wars event - Jennifer Walters "hulks out" into a 7-foot tall mega-babe! Thundra definitely gave her a run for the money in size, but with She-Hulk there's the kink factor - big GREEN boobs!

1. The Invisible Woman - Susan Storm is a founding member of Marvel's First Family and is incredibly sexy.  She's a mother and independent woman - undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the women related to the FF.  She is so amazing - only the stunning Jessica Alba could portray her in two FF movies.  Originally typecast as a damsel in distress (as the Invisible Girl), Sue Storm has emerged as the most powerful member of the team. Yes, her boobs are perfect.


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