Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 10 Best Boobs from Queen's Blade Anime

The warrior women of the Queen's Blade tournament are the most lethal and lovely ladies on the Continent.  The following is a list of the loveliest!

Risty - "The Benevolent Bandit of the Wild" is a tough cookie.  She's an incredible fighter with the body to match!

Please hurt me!
Melona - wicked evil and a shapeshifting hottie to boot.  She can transform into anything she wants, but the odds are it will want to kill you!
Too bad her boobs shoot acid, right?
Luna Luna - this warrior from the hot jungles of Calibara can dance you to death or complete ecstasy.  Guess which one I'll choose?
Yeah, can you take off the 'dick-horn thingie' before we do it?
Melpha - she's a holy priestess filled with divine power and has titanic boobs to rival Cattleya's!  That vow of chastity really sucks right about now.
This damsel in distress needs some holy rollin'!
Alleyne - this hot elf was dubbed "The Thousand Year-Old Virgin" so good luck getting in her pants.  What an incredible waste of perfect cleavage!  Can you imagine how horny she is after that long?
I'd trade places with that spear any day!
Menace - this ancient priestess just wants to restore the Amara Kingdom and put together a legion of slaves to rub down her naughty bits.  Where do I sign up!

Missed me!  Um, could you do that again?
Cattleya - she's a weapon-smith with the biggest weapon(s) on the Continent!  Yeah, they're that big!  She could beat you to death with her enormous boobs without even noticing.

Oh hey, um, Cattleya?  Well, your, um.  Hey, nevermind!
Leina - oh, poor Leina!  She wants to be a powerful warrior and prove her mettle, but the road to legend is a bastard.  Keep trying!
I know how you can turn this crushing defeat into a victory!
Tomoe - warrior priestess form Hinomoto, Tomoe is a force to be reckoned with.  Seeing her naked is awesome too!
Oh, hey!  Need a hand?
Echidna - this elf is one hot mess!  She loves women and had a relationship with Alleyne (hot!).  Her warrior skills are unsurpassed and she wears an enchanted snake for underpants. 
Keltan the snake gets a little frisky


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